Umbrella and lightweight stroller

If your child is over the infant stage, you may want to look into purchasing an umbrella stroller.

Umbrella and light weight strollers have a reputation for being movable and lightweight.

Here are multiple categories of well designed lightweight including safety standards in different shape of size. They can look just like standard buggies.These lightweight stroller weight 15 to 19 pounds, and full-sized strollers start about 20 pounds or more than 20.

Smaller lightweights are best replacement to the larger if you don’t want the extra weight, but still want suitable features that umbrella strollers haven’t then just use the umbrella.

Like its name Umbrella strollers have curved handles and also folded vertically while lightweight and other types fold flat horizontally. Seat does not recline flat that’s why it is not comfortable for newborn babies and not suitable for travelling.


Features of Umbrella/lightweight strollers:

Handle and Safety:

The handles are resist and built effectively so that the clasp is tight and comfortable. The rear brakes add in to your protection. The handle bar has contoured foam that provides relieve when pushing the best umbrella stroller.A flexible handle bar does magnificent while steering it.


The large storage of umbrella and light weight strollers container under the seat is more than sufficient to store things required for baby. There is a seat back hook and loop patch that comes in  convenient to store your purse, keys and mobile phones.

Seat and Canopy:

The seat is multi lean so that your child can either sleep lightly on a fully lie position or looks around in the straight back position. The awning is large and comes with a pull out mask thus providing extra shade to your baby.

Wheels and Maneuverability:

The umbrella stroller is an easy system and is quick to gather. The back wheels too can be locked with your feet separately. The back wheel interruption provides the much needed support especially when you go on grass or rough surfaces. On flat surfaces this stroller simply floats. This single stroller is easy to steer and we can say it is sandal friendly.


The stuff used in the Lite-way Plus has a state of the art material called as 1680D. The “D” means Denier or weight of the material. This kind of stuff is mostly used on high-end belongings and outdoor material.The stuff that is used in umbrella and light weight strollers is anyway soft and long-lasting. It is suite for rough and regular use.

Why a newborn baby can’t use an umbrella stroller?

  • According to Doctors the minimum age for stroller use be for children 12 months (1 year) or more, some models are also designed for newly born babies. Babies who spend their time in strollers, are at risk of “flat head” syndrome.  Infant start to gain more control of their bodies and can begin to hold their heads up by themselves.

Top 5 Lightweight/Umbrella Baby Strollers

Baby Jogger City Mini

The City Mini weighs less than 17 pounds and its features are like you want. Just lift the strap in the seat and fold it startling. Back seat and large sun shade make it an easy ride for your baby.

UPPAbaby G-Luxe

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe weighs less than 15 pounds, and has a sleek umbrella style frame with the slender fold to compare. The frame is light but super-lasting, and you can discard the whole seat pad to clean. The G-Luxe stands on its own when folded and has a carry pliable strip for travel.

Maclaren Quest

The flat, one-hand steering and turn-on-a-spot movability are original Maclaren, the benefits of the Quest stroller isn’t the only wheels. There’s also a full recline, susceptible and washable seat stuff, storage pocket, and included rain shelter to make the 14-pound Quest worth strolling.

Bumbleride Flite

The Flite comes in only 14 pounds. Its structure is nimble for urban area, and has an appropriate-sized basket and sunshade, plus lockable roundwheels and a nearly full covered back.

Baby Cargo 200 Series

If storage space and easy-clean stuff are must privileged for your stroller, check out the Baby Cargo 200 Series. There’s a nice storage pocket behind the seat, and the stuff are water proof.

Your can select your umbrella and light weight strollers as per based on your nee. You choice must be descent that really fill full your need.