Best Lightweight Double Strollers Reviews

Best Lightweight Double Strollers

Best Lightweight Double Strollers Reviews

As we all know that the safety of children is the priority of every parent. Parents prefer everything of the best quality for their children whether it is about their health, care, entertainment or protection. Parents do love their children equally that is why they try their best to provide equal benefits to their children. When it comes to travelling parents always want to take their newborn or youngest one with them everywhere because we all know that the babies need the attention of their parents every time. You do not need to worry about this that how would you take your both babies with you everywhere. We are here for the solution to your every problem and this time the solution is the “Best Lightweight Double Strollers”. As its clear from the name that this stroller is for the two babies.

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Double Strollers Reviews

Considerable things while buying the best lightweight double stroller:

While purchasing best double strollers so many questions occur in your mind and the things that should be focused while buying the “Best Lightweight Double Strollersare as follow:

Double Storage Capacity:

You are searching for a stroller for your two babies means a double stroller so it should have double storage capacity so you can keep the things of your both babies.

Individual Head Shade:

The stroller should have separate and full protective head shade so that your baby can feel fully protected from any kind of harsh sun rays and his/her skin remain to save.

Non-slippery Wheel System:

The stroller that you are looking for your babies should be of a smooth wheel system so that any kind of jerk or stroke cannot be felt by your babies and they enjoy a safe and sound journey.

Easy Folding:

The thing that should be keenly focused on is the folding system of the stroller so you can easily fold it after using or before keeping it into the car or any other vehicle.

Size According to the Room in Your Car:

While buying the stroller keep in mind that the stroller would be able to settle down in the space of your car or not.

Excellent Features of the Best Lightweight Double Stroller:

These are the following features of the “best lightweight double strollers”:

  • Smooth wheel function
  • Large separate head shades
  • Adjustable handling rode
  • Huge spacy area
  • Easy passing from standard doors
  • Complete package in an affordable amount
  • Very light while walking or carrying
  • Tremendous folding mechanism
  • Travel-friendly
  • Colors options
  • Side properties

Smooth Wheel Functioning:

The best feature of the “best lightweight double strolleris that this is very smooth while walking because of its wheel suspension. You can easily move the wheels anywhere this would never irritate your walking. You can feel free while rotating your stroller to any side.

Large Separate Head Shades:

Lightweight Twin Strollerhas two separate head shades for both babies. These shades are of the very best quality. These shades give your babies full sun protection. Due to these shades, your baby would be completely saved from the direct sun rays.

Adjustable Handling Rode:

The owner of the stroller can easily adjust the handle of the stroller according to their convenience. This feature is very likeable because everyone who is moving the stroller wants to adjust them according to his/her easiness.

Huge Spacy Area:

As it’s a double stroller that’s whys it has separate two storage with both the seats for both babies individually. You can keep all the related luggage of your babies in their space basket.

Easy Passing from the Standard Doors:

Usually, it comes in the buyer’s mind that it will be difficult to pass the strollers of some kind of doors but while the manufacturing of the” best lightweight double strollers” this matter was keenly observed, and they made these strollers according to the standard door size. That’s why there is no issue while passing through the door.

Types of the best lightweight double stroller:

Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller:

Most of the time families make plans for the adventurous trips and many other outing plans but then they cancelled them because of the different issues and the most important and the major issue of them is the protection and the safety of their babies because they plan trips of mountainy areas and other kinds of areas where even for your travelling the jeep would require and for the hiking plans the high quality of joggers that is why in this whole scenario you don’t want to take any kind of risk related to lives of your babies.

Here we are for you. Now you do not need to cancel your plans because we are providing you with the best option for the safety and protection of your babies whether the baby is newborn or of two, three years. All you have to do is to buy “jeep destination ultralight side x side double stroll”. This stroller is specially made for the travelling purpose. This is the best lightweight double stroller for travel of all the stroller types with incredible features.

The incredibly amazing lineament of Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller:

These are the following lineament of the “jeep destination ultralight side x side double stroller:

  • Enough capacity for the two children
  • Easy to fit through doors
  • Everyday comfortable stroller
  • Helpful in every trip
  • Airy seating
  • Seat setting system
  • Foot breaks
  • Protecting canopy
  • Peek a boo window
  • Effortless folding
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Carrying straps
  • Water impervious fabric

Enough capacity for two children:

The best part of this stroller is that this has enough space for two children. Both of your babies can be easily fit in this stroller. your babies can sit in it according to their wish in there any comfortable posture.

Easy to fit through doors:

This stroller can be easily moved through the doors because its shape is made according to the standard door requirement. This is why you can move this stroller from the biggest or the normal door entrance.

Everyday comfortable stroller:

Not only for the specific areas but also this stroller can be used in daily life. Whether you are going to marketing or going to visit your relatives, you can easily take this stroller with you. You and your children would feel ultimately relaxing with a stroller.

Helpful for every trip:

This stroller going to be helpful during all types of trips. If your planning a trip to any mountainy area, be relax this stroller would take care of your children by protecting them from any kind of stroke from the curvy mountain and also from ups and downs of the roads.

Airy seating:

This stroller is made with this technique so that your children can enjoy the outside environment. If the cool breeze is blowing, then this breeze would surely come inside, and your children would enjoy it. The plan that is followed while making this stroller is very unique that cool breeze would come in, but the sun rays would not be able to touch your children’s soft skin.

Seat setting system:

You can adjust the seats according to the comfort zone of your children. All you have to do is to set the seat position at which your children are feeling comfortable. You can completely push back the seat if your children want to sleep. you can uplift the seat also.

Foot breaks option:

While smooth walking all of sudden you have to stop the stroller for something so you can use the foot breaks to stop it. It’s a plus point of this stroller that is specially made for your ease.

Protecting canopy:

As the skin of newborn or the younger children is usually very sensitive that’s why this jeep destination ultralight side x side stroller has best-shaded canopies for each seat. This would provide shade to your children from the direct sunlight and its harsh rays.

Peek a boo window:

There is also a peek a boo window in this stroller with canopy. This is because so you can keep an eye on your children also you can talk to your children with this window.

Effortlessly folding:

You can easily fold this stroller. As this is a lightweight stroller that is why it is folding also does not consume so much effort. You have to just use once your both hands and with a little jerk, this would fold.

Lightweight aluminium frame:

This stroller is made of aluminium frame and its very lightweight. Jeep destination ultralight side x side double stroller is protecting a strong frame with very lightweight.


  • Sufficient storage.
  • Streamlined ride.
  • Safe and sound journey guaranteed.


  • Price is high according to some customers.


Stroller Weight: 28.66lbs
Weight Capacity: 80 pounds total 40+40
Window: Yes Peek a Boo
Stroller Dimensions: 29.5×36.2×41.7
Color: Midnight Black

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller:

It’s a fact that when someone becomes a mother for the first time, she needs guidelines related to each aspect of a baby’s upbringing. Most of the mothers learn it quickly, most of them take time and there also some mothers who hired nannies for their babies. All mothers don’t afford to hire a nanny and most of them don’t trust the work and hygiene of the nannies that’s why they prefer to do all the home and baby chores own their own. As a baby starts becoming elder, he/she becomes very naughty and try his/her best to annoy you with making a mess but what can you say as he/she is your baby.

While facing all this, you have to go to market and you can’t take risk to leave your baby at home , and if you are ready to take your baby with you for grocery so you have to take all the necessary things of your baby like feeder, a spare set of clothes, eatables and many more. Accept to carrying out these kinds of stuff the physical safety of the baby is also important that why you need a stroller with the guaranteed safety of your child. So here we are with the” Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller”. This stroller is providing all the facilities you required and it is one of the cheap lightweight double strollers.

 Extremely useful plus points of Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller:

Following are features of the kolcraft cloud plus lightweight strollers:

  • Radical lightweight
  • Recumbent seat
  • Jerk less ride
  • One-handed folding
  • Protracted shade
  • Different cups option
  • Bombastic storage
  • Comfy seats
  • Travel genially
  • Smooth wheels
  • One-year warranty

Radical lightweight:

The frame of the “kolcraft lightweight strolleris designed in such a way that its very light in weight and easy to carry anywhere without the extreme effort. This plus point is very convenient for the mothers. Because of this, they can easily move this stroller while having their baby in it and also after folding it they can easily keep into the car.

Recumbent seat:

This stroller has seat adjustment quality. You can set the position of the stroller according to the wish and comfort of the baby. If while travelling your baby falls asleep, you can set the position of the stroller on the lying point.

Jerk less ride:

Your baby can have a very comfortable ride in” kolcraft lightweight stroller”. this stroller provides a jerk and stroke-free ride to your toddler. Due to this you can walk, run and jogging while having your baby in the stroller.

One-handed folding:

This stroller is very lightweight that you can move it even with your one hand push. This consumes very little power of yours. If you get a call while going with your baby so you can attend the call with the one hand and with the second hand you can move the stroller very easily.

Protracted shade:

Baby’s skin is usually very sensitive, and it needs proper care and protection. As we all know that the direct sunlight is not good for the health of the baby that’s why this stroller has a very shady canopy that will give your baby a complete safety from the sunlight and also protect your baby from the radiations of the sun.

Different cups option:

There are different cups of options in this stroller. two cups right down the handlebar for the stroller holder and there are two cups for the baby on the baby tray. The stroller holder like a mother can keep her water bottle in the one cup and the feeder of her baby in the second. They are fully gripped that the water bottle or the feeder will not even move from the place whether you are walking or running with the stroller.

Bombastic storage:

It is sure that if you are taking your baby out with you, you need to keep all the necessities of the baby with you. And for this, you need huge storage. This’ kolcraft lightweight strollerhas very spacy storage that you can keep a lot of stuff in it. Anything related to the baby can be fit in it.

Comfy seat:

The seat material is very soft and cozy that your child would feel very relax even while having a very long ride in the stroller. the seat is made of the soft foam that keeps the seat comfortable and makes the sitting easy for your toddler.

Travel genially:

If you are going somewhere far away from your home, you can easily keep the stroller with you in the car. It is very less spacy and very handy even if you are walking by keeping it in your hand after folding.

Removable child tray:

The child tray is removable. Like if something is fallen on it that cannot be washable with the wet wipes, you can remove it and wash it detergent and the plain water.

Smooth wheels:

The stroller’s wheels are very smooth while walking and their grip is also amazing that you can suddenly stop the stroller while having jogging or running. This sudden break would not be even slightly felt by the toddler.


  • Spacious storage.
  • Lighter on budget.


  • not suitable for the newborns


Stroller Weight: 11.8lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 31.25x18x39 inches
Color: Slate
Weight Capacity: 50lbs
Safety Harness: 5 points
Brakes: Yes

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Strollers:

Twins are such a blessing of GOD. If you have twins it means you are very lucky because GOD has selected you for this amazing blessing. Where this is a blessing at the same time it’s a test also because taking care of two babies of the same age at the same time is very difficult. All you have to do is to take different tips from the different experienced people who already have twins. At starting every one of you feel annoying because of lots of chores but later you get used to it.

The most difficult task is to carry your babies anywhere. Their safety from all kinds of things like sunlight, dust, smog, fog and so many other natural aspects is very important. You people cannot keep babies all the time in your hand. You have to find the best solution for carrying your babies in a very secure system with protection also. Here we are with the best option for you and that is” CITY MINI DOUBLE STROLLERS”. This is itself the best stroller for your two babies. All the features of these strollers are very helpful for the safety of your babies.

Qualities of the city mini double strollers:

There are so many qualities of this mini stroller and few of them are as follow:

  • steer with one hand
  • easy going through doors
  • simply folding wait auto-lock
  • recumbent seat system
  • convenient while traveling
  • car seat adapter
  • washable fabric cover
  • shocks absorbed wheels
  • easy to assemble
  • super comfortable
  • padded seat
  • huge storage

Steer with one hand:

this stroller has a quality that you can steer it even with one hand. Like I have you are carrying something in your one hand like a phone or something important, you can steer the stroller only with one hand and the stroller would move the same as with the two hands.

Easy going through doors:

You can easily move this stroller from any kind of standard door. Most of the time the different strollers claim to be the easy-going through doors but in reality, they do not. This “city mini double strollernot only claim but also prove by easily passing through the different doors.

Simply foldable with auto-lock:

You can easily fold the stroller without any hard effort. And this stroller also has an auto-lock system due to which after the folding the stroller will be locked and protected.

Recumbent set system:

The stroller’s set can be easily folded according to the wish of you and your baby. All you have to do is to change the steps of the seat setter.

Convenient while travelling:

You can carry this stroller with you if you want to go anywhere. This stroller is very light and travel-friendly also. You can fit it in any of the vehicles you are going from anywhere. This is stroller would not consume more space.

Car seat adapter:

You can adapt the stroller with the car seat with the help of a car seat adapter. Due to this, you can take the strollers even with your babies sitting in it anywhere. When you put the stroller in the car with the car adapter this will also give protection to your babies from any kind of speed-breaker shock.

Shocks absorb wheels:

Stroller’s wheels are of the best quality that they can absorb all kinds of jerks, extreme or sudden breaks and shocks also. Your babies would not even feel a slight disturbance.

Easy to assemble:

As this stroller is easy to fold the same this is also easy to assemble. Even if you have separated all the parts and now you want to assemble it, only within seconds this would come into the same condition, a full set stroller.

Super comfortable:

This stroller is completely comfortable for the babies. Its seat is very comfy and soft. The baby tray is very useful for the baby to keep his/her eatables and the system of reclining seat is the best part of the stroller that if the baby wants to sleep you can completely recline the seat that would be helpful in the easy sleep of the baby.

Huge storage:

The stroller has huge storage that you can keep all related stuff of baby as well as of yours too. Any kind of affordable heavy weighted thing can also be adjustable in the storage of the stroller.


  • quick folding is very helpful for folding in one step.
  • Seat bending ability even to flat position.


  • Not easy to open after folding


Stroller Weight: 28.6lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 41×41.9×30 inches
Color: Black & Grey
Weight Capacity: 22.5lbs
Brakes: Yes

Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller:

As it is clear from the name that it is a double stroller. this is going to be the favourite stroller of yours because you can carry your twins and the most closed siblings in it very easily. This stroller is very convenient because of its features. Like it has an adjustable seating system. You can adjust the seats according to your choice. The “baby trend expedition double stroller has a feature large storage so you can keep the related material easily and make your journey comfy. There is a cups option also in it so you can keep your bottles or the baby feeder in it. There are sun rays reflecting shade also in the manufacturing of the stroller so the baby can be safe from the sun’s heat.

The wheels system is very impressive that if you want to freeze the first tire you can do it easily and make the walk one-directional. For the safety from the sudden jerks, there is also an option of a foot brake of the wheels so you have to just press the brake and stroller would stop effortlessly. Moreover, you can also clean the seat pad and there is no restriction of any specific detergent for doing so. Only the simple washing detergent would be ok.

Features of the baby expedition double stroller and its explanation:

  • Multi-position seat setting option
  • Ample storage
  • Shaded head protection
  • Parent- baby cup holders
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Comfortable seating
  • Guaranteed parents’ satisfaction
  • Rubber bicycle tires
  • Foot rear brake
  • Cleanable seat pad
  • Heavyweight acceptable

Multi-position seat setting option:

This stroller has the option of setting the seat position according to your baby’s own choice. If your babies want to see the scene of the outside you can push up the seat position, if your babies want to feel relax you can even bend the seat completely to the downside. All depend on the choice of you and your babies.

Ample storage:

It’s a confirmed thing that if you are taking you babies for a ride or even just for grocery, you have to keep their all necessary things for the sudden requirement of them. There is a huge place in this stroller to keep the good of your babies easily.

Shaded head protection:

Direct sunlight is usually not good for the newborns that’s why baby needs a complete shade on its seat for the protection and the baby trend expedition double jogger strollerhas a large shaded canopy that will cover the baby from all the sides and due to this no harsh rays of the sun would be able to touch  the baby.

Parent- baby cup holders:

There are two cups holders that baby trend expedition double jogger strolleris providing. one cup holder is for the parents or for the one who is moving the stroller and the second one is for the baby to keep the feeder and other related stuff.

Adjustable wheels:

this stroller has adjustable wheel quality as you can easily adjust the wheel. Like if you are jogging and want to straighten up the wheel direction, you can lock the front wheel and then continue the jogging and later if you want to walk in a different direction, you can unlock the wheel.

Comfortable seating:

Lightweight Double Stroller Reviewsshows that the seat of this stroller is very comfortable. If your jogging is getting a little bit longer than the regular timing, you do not need to worry about the baby because the baby is very relaxing in the comfortable seat of the stroller.

Guaranteed parents’ satisfaction:

Parents are giving best lightweight double stroller reviews because they are satisfied with the services of the stroller. their expectation from the quality of the stroller area fulfilled that is why they are tension free while carrying their babies in this stroller to anywhere.

Cleanable seat pad:

Now you do not need to dry clean or steam wash the pad of the seat as it can be easily washed by the simple detergent that you are having in the house. All you have to do is to wet the seat pad and then mildly wash it with a nice amount of detergent and the pad is neat and clean ready to refit in the stroller.


  • Easy folding system
  • Lightweight frame
  • Affordable price


  • Not easily fit-able in some cars


Stroller Weight: 34lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 49×21.5x43inches
Color: Carbon
Weight Capacity: 50lbs
Brakes: Yes
Window: Yes

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller- Lightweight

This is the advanced type of all types of double strollers. the idea behind the making of this best lightweight double strolleris to make a newly designed stroller with all the basic required features and the addition is the change of the older style frame. We can say it is a riskless, unique and advanced type of stroller. like the addition of cushiony leg support with the already existing cushiony seat is very appealing and more relaxing for the babies. The safety standards are also changed means are also advanced because of the precious life of your loved ones.

Furthermore, the best part of this stroller is that its very helpful in the long-distanced trips. you just have to carry it to the destination and then it will carry your babies for all the trip duration and would provide the proper comfort and security to your babies. These strollers can be easily passable through the doors of the supermarket, cafes and even from the metro station system.  The fabric of this stroller is waterproof like if you are walking on the road and it starts raining suddenly so you have no need to worry just put down the canopy and it will protect your babies from the water because of its water-resistant fabric stroller.

Explained features of the Maclaren twin triumph stroller-lightweight:

  • Risk-less, unique, advanced stroller
  • Best safety standards
  • Convenient for long trips
  • Freely adjustable
  • Cushiony seat and cushiony leg support
  • Adjustable seat in different positions
  • Easy crossing through standards doors
  • Separate hood for each set
  • Water-resist fabric
  • Replaceable parts

Risk-less, unique, advanced stroller:

The manufacturer of this stroller has focused on the risk-lessness, uniqueness, and advancement to make this stroller different from the other ones. It is somehow different from the other strollers. it has better safety options. Also, have the change in the design.

Best safety standards:

In this stroller, the safety of the babies is keenly observed then the wheels are made with extra shocks absorption quality and this makes it differ from some other strollers. like if you suddenly want to stop the stroller, it would take approximately seconds to stop.

Convenient for long distanced trips:

If you are planning a trip of far places and worried about the condition of the roads of that places like if there are curvy roads and mountainy ways, then you do not need to worry about because these lightweight strollers would be outstandingly helpful in your trips. you just have to put your babies in it and then just move the strollers. not only you but your babies would also enjoy the sightseeing by sitting the most comfortable strollers.

Cushiony seats and the cushiony leg support:

This stroller has two cushiony things for the comfort of the baby, one is the cushiony seat and the second thing is the cushiony leg supporter. While the long walk on the stroller, the legs of the babies also need some rest and for this purpose, this stroller has the cushiony leg support.

Adjustable seat in different positions:

The seat is adjustable like if the baby is sleeping while the walk, you can recline the seat completely down so the baby can sleep easily. Same as this you can up and down the seat according to your choice.

Easy crossing through standards door:

As it’s a double stroller so the question of easy crossing can be easily coming into mind but the best answer is this that this can be easily crossable through the standard doors and it can also be crossable through the supermarket doors and other café types.

Separate hood and separate seats recline:

The best thing about this stroller is that each seat has a separate hood for the protection of the baby. And the seat reclining system is also separate. Means if your one baby wants to take a nap, you can completely pus down the seat for your baby’s comfort and if the second baby wants to see the sight scene, you can push up the seat.

Water-resist fabric:

The fabric of the stroller is waterproof. If you face rain on the go anywhere, don’t worry because the fabric would not let the baby wet and would provide complete safety from the raindrops.

Replaceable parts:

You can easily change some of the stroller’s parts because they are replaceable. If your canopy got damaged, you can change it because different colored canopies are available of this model. Same like this some other parts are also changeable.


  • have storage pockets.
  • Commodious space.
  • convenient auto-lock.


  • take wide space in the car.


Stroller Weight: 30.42lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 30.71×28.74×41.34inches
Color: Black & Charcoal
Weight Capacity: 50lbs
Seating Capacity: Two

JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY twin groove ultralight umbrella stroller is one of the best choices if you have twin or the siblings because it will provide you with full babies protection with comfortable features. This stroller comes with the sun-protected canopies that also have a peek a boo window for the chit chat of you with your babies and for keeping an eye on your babies. If we talk about the storage capacity, there are two different storage under each seat so that so can easily place the goods of each baby separately without any tension. Also, the cups are attached right Infront of the handlebar so you can put the water bottles or some other juices bottles. Zip pockets are available for keeping your little things in it.

Thus, there is no need to worry about the folding of the stroller because it has one-handed lock quality with the auto-lock. You just have to push the stroller together and its folded. The seat can be easily reclined according to your wish because it has an easily reclining feature. Not only for the newborn but also the weight of children up to 50 lbs. would be acceptable. You can also adjust the leg rester according to the wish of your babies.


  • Sun protected canopy with a window
  • Zipper storage
  • Cups availability
  • Aluminium frame with polyester fabric
  • Light in weight
  • Auto fold lock
  • Carrying strap
  • Narrow enough fits through doors
  • Easy reclining seat
  • Extra-large canopies
  • For children up to 50 lbs.

Sun protected canopy with a window:

This stroller has a sun-protected canopy means it will give protection to your baby against sunlight and sun rays. Peek a boo window is also attached to the canopy for the hello hi scene with your babies and also for taking a look at your babies often.

Zipper storage:

For the safety of your precious things, there is zipper storage for keeping your products in it. More than this you can also keep other tiny things in it.

Cups availability:

Cups for keeping your water, juice or any other bottle are also available. There are also cups on the baby try to keep feeder. These cups are highly good that the products would not get any stroke even while having jogging.

Aluminium frame with polyester fabric:

The frame of this stroller is made of the aluminium frame that makes it strong and lightweight at the same time. The fabric of the seat and the leg rester is of polyester that gives the babies a warm sitting.

Light in weight:

When you think about the double stroller, the thing which comes automatically in your mind is the weight of the stroller. no need to worry about because this stroller is made of very lightweight material, but this material is making the stroller strong also.

Auto fold lock:

The folding is very easy. And the folding also has an auto-lock plus point that keeps the stroller safe. And all you have to do is to close the stroller even with the force of one hand.


  • Perfect for growing families with twins or siblings.
  • Have built-in storage.
  • Also, have separate rain cover with ventilation.


  • Look unfinished when you remove the canopy.
  • Cannot attach mommy organizer.


Stroller Weight: 26lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 32×3042.75inches
Weight Capacity: 100lbs
Color: Turquoise
Seating Capacity: Two

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller-Lightweight, Compact

The name is clearly defining the stroller that it is a lightweight stroller for the double baby’s weather they are the twins or the siblings. This stroller has exceptional features with the extra-ordinary working. Ideal for the newborn and also for the growing babies of the age 3 to 5. This means that it is very easy to carry heavyweight in it. There is an option of the removable seat. You can remove the seat and then its fabric is washable also.

Another remarkably amazing thing is the ultralight tires with the extra shock-absorbing ability. Leg support for the comfort of the baby is also included that would going to provide a comfortable journey to your babies. Its parts are also replaceable. First of all, the stroller’s products are with the warranty but if somehow thing happens to any part then are easily available and replaceable. The sunshades are very effective. Would give ultimate protection to your babies from the heat of the sun.

Names and explanation of the features:

  • Ideal for the newborns
  • Removable padded seat
  • Washable fabric
  • Ultralight tires with the shocks absorb capacity
  • Leg support cushion
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Passable through the doors easily
  • Upgrade sunshades

Ideal for the newborns:

This stroller is designed with some specifications for the newborn babies that would provide the complete protection and facilities to your babies. This statement “ideal for newborns” does not mean that you cannot use it for your big child of 2,3 years. It is equally beneficial for the other babies too.

Removable padded seat:

The seats are easily removable for the washing purpose. If you are planning to wash the stroller, all you have to do is to remove the seat from the stroller and wash it with any of the soft detergents.

Washable fabric:

The fabric of the stroller is easily washable in the machine or by hands. The choice is yours. No special kind of washing powder or liquids is needed. Simply the daily detergent would be fine.

An ultralight tire with shocks absorbing capacity:

The tires are very strong with the best shocks absorbing quality. All of the sudden breaks would not do anything to the babies because they would not even feel the slight jerks.

Legs support cushion:

This stroller does not only have a cushiony seat but also leg support made of cushion to provide a comfortable journey to your babies. They can easily put the legs on it then the legs would be completely protected and comfortable in it.

Parts can be replaceable:

Sometimes any of the parts of the stroller got cracked or some other thing happened to it. You do not need to be tensed about it because this stroller is providing the facility of changeable parts. That would make your stroller completely change and the same as the new one.

Passable through the door easily:

You can easily move the stroller from the standard sized doors.  You can pass the stroller even with the one hand because of the lightweight of the stroller.

Upgrade sunshades:

Sunshades are very effective that they give complete cover to your babies from the sun heat and all other harsh rays of it. Your baby is completely safe in this stroller.


  • easy to operate.
  • sunshades are great.


  • difficult for taller people to push the handlebar easily.


Stroller Weight: 39.46lbs
Stroller Dimensions: 45.08×16.14×13.58inches
Color: Black
Weight Capacity: 110lbs
Seating Capacity: Two


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